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Uratex: How sleep is key to living a better life

Why sleeping gives you a better chance of enjoying your waking hours
When it comes to sleep, we always hear the range of seven to nine hours as the recommended average for adults. According to figures, however, 60 percent of individuals never reach this goal due to different factors, a trend that can wreck havoc on health and overall lifestyle.
One of the most commonly pointed factors affecting sleep is work-related stress. According to a study that highlights the direct effects of work on individuals, 33 percent of the participants identified lack of sleep as an effect of stress.
This subject is what Uratex tackled during its recently concluded office tour that focused on the importance of sleep and its impact on overall wellness. The campaign, called “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life”, held seminars that educated office workers about the science of sleep and how improving it can enrich your life.

The Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life series of seminars visited key offices in the Metro to educate employees about the importance of sleep in their busy lifestyles.
The tour visited offices in various industries namely Summit Media, MOR DJs, ACE SAATCHI, Philippine Media, and Metrobank. A special activation was also held in Island City Mall (ICM), Tagbilaran, Bohol which was attended by VIP customers of ICM and local bloggers of Bohol. During the event, sleep experts and wellness coaches held seminars that addressed stress problems, sleep, and the right way of choosing sleeping partners like mattresses. Wellness checks were offered during the round of seminars as well.
Wellness consultant, trainer, and coach Dr. Marco Escareal gave a talk about stress management and the importance of sleep during the Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life seminars headed by Uratex, the Sleep Specialist and provider of premium sleep solutions. Other professionals who contributed were Sleep Doctor Dr. Keith Aguilera from St. Lukes Global City and Uratex Sales Director Dindo Medina who gave a rundown on the benefits of their innovative sleeping solutions.

Employees from advertising agency SAATCHI attended a series of seminars focusing on the importance of sleep. Advertising and other jobs in the creative industry are considered some of the most fast-paced in the country.
A landmark study focusing on sleep deprivation by the University of Chicago found out that people sleeping for only four to the six hours are more prone to high blood pressure and a higher production of cortisol, a hormone connected to stress. Sleep also takes a direct toll on the mind and body, which can cause concentration problems and sluggishness.
 In addition to the seminars, Uratex also held special activities like yoga to further reinforce the importance of managing stress to individuals.
Stress and irregular schedules may be a part of a normal person’s life, but there is something that can be done to minimize the negative effects they bring. One solution is to improve your sleep environment.

The Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life during its event held at the Ronac Center Magallanes, Makati. The occasion invited Philippine media members of the United Print Media Group.
Uratex has been focusing on its efforts to build awareness about the subject for the past few years. The trusted brand is also a frontrunner in creating mattresses and pillows that can improve sleep patterns with the use of technology.
Sleep plays a crucial role in the overall health and lifestyle of people. Just like any other important lifestyle change, developing healthy sleeping habits involves more than just adjusting our body clocks. Understanding the science behind it, as well as the use of partners that can help improve it, can make a world of difference on busy lives.

Diana Stalder 3rd Anniversary and DS Cafe

Diana Stalder SINCE 1996- 2014

Celebrating 21 Years Of Quality Skincare Evolution

More than 21 years ago, Dermaline Facial Care Center sprouted like a bud brimming with beauty potential, which ultimately bloomed to transform into one of the most prominent face, body, and skin care centers of today. Diana Stalder. The name itself represented charm and elegance, perfectly
Complementing its impressive line-up of qualily skin care products that can Satisfy every woman’s desire for beautiful skin. True to its promise, the brand gained the confidence of a broad clientele, owing to the positive results seen and felt in every skin it had cared for. Such feat was achieved without advertising hype, but instead, rooted fom patient’s positive experiences and word-of-mouth reputation,

Since 1976 up to the present, the Diana Stalder Skincare Center has consistently delivered satisfaction to every skin it cared for. This skincare authority offers a combination of excellent formulations and treatments that cater to the general or customized needs of every skincare afficionado.
Diana Słalder’s reputation is strengthened by its evidence-based approach producing better products from its own “state-of-the-art” manufacturing facilities, plus, well-trained and experienced therapits who competently possess the knowledge and expertise in delivering quality therapies, within the confines of an elegant and relaxing skincare haven.

Be acknowledged as a reputable skin care clinic in the country whlch offers a totai beauty and wellness package with its products and services, together with DS Cafe’s Ideal Protein  Weight Loss Program.

Provide customers with the highest standard of skin care treatments. quality products and excellent service.DISTINCTIONS
The center was awarded as Outstanding Surgical & Skin Care Center in the Consumer’s Choice Awards in 2010, and was a finalist in 2007’s Most Promising Filipino Franchise. It is a member of two well respected international societies, namely, the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) and the international Medical Spa Association (IMSA).







Facial Care whitening, anti-aging, anti-acne, contouring

Body Care
Peeling, slimming, waxing, massage, E-Light, IPL

The center offers a variety of skincare treatments that address the needs of every skin type, from medical procedures to skin enhancement therapies, respectively administered by an expert team of Dermatologist and Therapists, who are l ensured to provide positive treatment outcomes

Our products are mostly supplied by a sister company. Stalder Laboratores Inc. an FDA approved, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified company, which is compliant to the ASEAN Harmonization for Cosmetic Regulations standards. Our products are also internationally available, in the US, EU. Middle East, andd Asia.

Diana Stalder at Gateway Mall celebrated its 21st year anniversary .It was an opportunity to be part of the event. They have anniversary promos to the client. That they really availed. Aside from that we got to taste the healthy meals of DS Cafe. They served freshly harvested veggies and fruits from their farm. We really enjoyed the meal, fruit juices and shake and the guilt free dessert. Meals are not pricey so you can eat healthy at an affordable prices. Go and drop by DS Cafe located at Gateway Mall and SM Megamall. It was a privilege to be part of such successful event. We where able to try the different healthy recipes they offered. I even won in their raffle prize thank you for these beauty products.

To provide more comfort to clients, we incorporated a coffee and snack bar set-up in some branches, to serve as a health and beauty hub offering healthier alternative meals, snacks, and beverages suited for the health-conscious, It also features Canada’s top weight loss products and program, “ideal Protein”. medically designed protocol that provides a variety of protein-rich, low calorie food products. Limited to Megamall and Gateway branches.

I will be featuring the healthy protein weight diet and drinks that DS Cafe offers on my next article.

Be Pampered at Dermcare and Belle La Peau

The Dermcare Story
In this age of stress and fast living the human body and our spirit demands relaxation and soothing treaments to keep our body strong and our spirit tuned in to pleasant things.

Zenaida Palisoc was aware of this when back in the 80s, she opened the first Demcare Professional Skin, Hair and Spa.

With the first venue came dermatologically tested products that improved skin and made people more beautiful.

The Dermare story is a story of success and commiment to provide consumers with top top-of the-line beauty products and services at superior value for money price.

With branches all over the Philippines. Dermcare is continously providing it’s customer with innovative products and services that are responsive to their needs and lifestlye.

Dermcare, which pioneered the whitening business in the Philippines has been trusted for quality affordable and effective products for more than 20 years.

Dermcare Professional Skin. Hair & Spa offers world class skin facials lightening, anti-aging. pimple control treatments.(scrubs, waxng, spa services) as well as hair rebonding & treatmens. lt is a one stop pure value skin, body and hair treatment in one environment that is both inviting and invigorating to the senses. Staffed with trusted dermaroligist and professionally trained beauty therapists. It’s ambience is conducive to rejuvenation, skin and body pampering. lt offers private and well appointed spa and massage rooms, steam bath and facial treatment area, doctor’s clinic and an inviting lobby. The moment you enter Dermcare, you will experience full bliss.

Ms. Zenaida E. Palisoc.
President & CEO of Dermcare Professional Skin. Hair & Spa is an enterprising busineswoman and a visionary in the wellness and beauty industry. In the late 90’s, Dermcare assumed a new business concept as a total health. beauty and wellness Center serving a diverse market.

The 10 Most Popular Uses of Argan Oil

The 10 Most
Popular Uses of Argan Oil
by Fred C. Reyes

Argan oil has been touted as wood’s secret beauty elixir. Considered the creme de la creme of cosmetic oils. Argan oil is exclusively produced in Southern Desert Morocco. This luxurious oil is known to heal many skin conditions. It works as an antioxidant, with high levels of skin-nourishing vitamin E (tocopherol), squalane, carotene and fatty acids.

Sourcing the very rare Argan oil has been a daunting challenge. We wanted to source direct from Morocco. We wanted not just pure Argan oil, but one with organic certification. After a series of sampling from several suppliers, we found a good source with ECOCERT certificate. It took a long while to get the shipment to the Philippines. We have to contend with extended production lead time. We have to adjust to the new Argan oil export regulations of Morocco.
Finally, we are ready to offer you pure Argan indulgence from head to toe. We call it Pure Bliss LIQUID GOLD, which is the moniker of the oil in Hollywood.

Below are 10 most popular uses of pure Argan oil:
1. Facial moisturizer – Argan oil can be used as an intensive moisturizer, especialy when applied during evenings. As an antioxidant, it helps reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles and prevents new wrinkles from forming.

2. Make-up base- Use Argan oil as your make-up base. It is non-comedogenic and is easily absorbed by the skin, while providing moisture.

3. After-sun nourishment -Hours under the harsh Sun can make your skin dry. Argan oil soothes and moisturizes your skin.









4. Body moisturizer-After your bath, add a few drop directly to your body, or to your body lotion. It help moisturize skin, improve skin elasticity, and prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy.

5.Sensitive skin relief – Argan oil works wonders on sensitive skin as it helps relieve eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and other skin conditions.

6, Argan Hair conditioner- Avoid bad hair days by applying Argan oil on towel dried hair. A few drops will help reduce frizz, make hair strong and shiny, and lock in moisture for softer hair from roots to tips.

7. Overnight Hair Treatment- Massage a generous amount of Argan oil into your hair, ends and scalp. Wrap your hair and leave it on while you sleep. In the morning. wash your hair and you’ll have luminous soft locks.

8. Hair Styling Shine – Use as a styling product while your hair is dry. Add a few drops onto your palms, rub your hands together, and run your fingers through your hair to create shine and tame frizz.

9. Lip moisturizer- Cold or hot weather can make your lips dry. A few dabs of Argan oil on the lips can soften and heal dry, chapped lips.

10.Cuticle and heel softener – Massage a few drops of Arganoil into your cuticles to soften, moisturize and encourage healthy nail growth. Use as an overnight treatment to moisturize dry, cracked heels.
Cover with socks and wake up to supple feet.

Pure Bliss LIQUID GOLD is available at all SkinStation, Dermax and Blushing Beauty

A must have this summer




Traditional facial mists contain only mineral water coming from exotic sites. The water simply cools the skin but when it evaporates, the skin is drier than ever. The market wanted better products. New types of mists came out, with improved moisturizing property from natural extracts and oils, as well as advanced functional anti-aging antioxidant, and whitening ingredients. These facial mists can provide more benefits, and here are the top five:
by Fred C. Reyes

Your skn also gets thirsty and dehydrated especially during summer when its scorching hot. Facal mist can cool, refresh, and hydrate your skin. It should be your number two must-have skin care product for summer. Number one is of course a broad spectrum sun protection, like DERWAX UV Milk or UV Active Sunscreen.

Anytime, anywhere,you get to cleanse your face and moisturize it simultaneously in just a spritz. Quick and hassle-free.

Aways mist with every layer of product you put on your Skin (moisturizer -mist-primer – mist – makeup – mist, and so on) This way, it preps your skin by locking in moisture to absorb all the serums and moistirizers that you will apply.

Aside from using facial mist before and after applying your make-up, regular spritz is recommended when you need to have make-up all day. Instead of continuous retouching and adding more layers of makeup on your face, misting before touch up softens your look. This prevents you from having a heavy look and a cake face,


facial mists can take you from looking stressed to rejuvenated in seconds. It’s a Spray of instant beauty. Facial mists with added aromatherapy helps with calming, soothing revitalizing, and uplifting.











Launched just in time for summer is the Blushing Beauty Facial Mists! What’s unique about these next generation facial mists is that they are engineered with advanced ingredients to give you International fomulations. Blushing Beauty Facial Mists not only cool and moisturize, but they also brighten and even out your skin. As an addnd bonus, they are infused with your favorite scents for aromatherapy.

Blushing Beauty Facisl Mists’ three key benefits:
1 COOLING – Instantly cools, refreshes, and gives you a dewy glow.
2. MOISTURIZING- Moisturizes, hydrates, and firms skin through low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid and revitalizing Bamboo Water.
3. BRIGHTENING – Brightens and evens out skin tone through Schnewhite extract from mushroom.
It comes in four variants that vary depending on your preferred scent:
1.Warm and fresh aroma of Chamomile for a a soothing after-feel.
2. Sweet and foral aroma of Lavender for a calming after-feel.
3. Refreshing aroma of Green Clover that revives and revitalizes you.
4. Immensely rich Rose aroma that boosts your mood and uplifts your senses

Protect your skin this summer a must haves!


Ahavia Experience

Ahavia Spa



It was a privilege to be invited at the opening of Ahavia Spa Ma Clara located at Ma Clara St. Quezon City. In my kind of work i always need a me time where I can tone down my muscles and relax. And with Ahaiva Spa it was wonderfully design for  relaxation and unwunding.



Upon entering a warm welcome from the staff and cozy ambiance will surely makes you comfortable. They have facilities like Sauna, Shower, Masaage Room and Chair massage room. The place and the interior was just right to set the mood of an individual. The services they offer are anti-stress thermal massage, Ahavia Oriental massage, feet reflex and sauna.
Love was felt all ovet even if it’s not valentines day simply becausr Ahavia came from the  the Hebrew word Ahava meaning “to care” or “to love.”

it started with feet reflex followed by the massage. I tried the anti-stress thermal massage which is purely massage and no stretching. I felt that my nerves and muscles was relaxed and the it was the first time that i was able to sleep during the massage. The theraphist that handled me was very good and really did a great job.

Hi oriental ritual massage its an oil based massage that uses long strokes. Techniques includes circular pressure applied by the hands and palms. And has minor stretching towards the end of the massage. Oriental is majority swedish massage but has stretching at the end if u want to try something different ahavia signature massage its 2 hrs massage combination of long strokes and a lot of stretching. If ur the athletic type and goes to the gym often this is a good massage. the strokes uses the hand forearm and knuckles.

After that a buffet dinner was served to us that made me feel we are so special. Thank you Ms. Krystine and Millie for having me. A token of appreciation was also given which i know will be a big help to us again thank you.

I will surely go back to Ahavia Ma Clara to avail of their other services.
Visit AHAVIA Ma Clara at Quezon City