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Hokkaido Ramen Santuoka at UP Town Center

if you happen to crave for an authentic Japanese cuisine, Katsu Sora is a highly recommend restaurant located at UP Town Center.

Derived from Japanese City Hokkaido which is a place where only the highest quality ramen and of course other Japanese dishes are served. This goes with the wide range of dishes that the diners will enjoy.

They served assorted ramen and Katsu at a very affordable price since they have a big serving. 

Aside from the ramen they also serve Fresh Fruit shake. The ambiance is so nice and cozy. 

Thank you very much for the delicious food and the invite. Visit their website at

Authentic Tonkatsu experience at Katsu Sora







Filipinos have a big appetite for Japanese food including tonkatsu, a breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet. Taking this delectable dish to new heights is Katsu Sora, home of premium Tonkatsu and Japanese dishes, with its panache that promises authentic Japanese dining.

Derived from Japanese terms Katsu, which is short for tonkatsu and Sora,” which means sky, Katsu Sora is dedicated to offering only the highest quality tonkatsu and a host of other Japanese dishes. This goes with a salad bar where diners can enjoy a wide range of healthy greens and fruits, among others, delivering a satisfactory experience in a class of its own.

Katsu Soras four kinds of world-class pork

Katsu Sora takes pride in four kinds of world-class pork. One of which is the Iberico Pork, a highly coveted pork imported from Spain and comes from the family of black Iberico pigs. With a meat that has butter-like texture and is rich in Oleic acid that raises good cholesterol and helps lower bad cholesterol, customers are in for an exceptional and healthy Japanese treat.

Katsu Sora also offers Shimofuri Pork, yet again originating from Spain and comes from a pure line of Duroc. Called the Black Angus” of pork, it has a high percentage of marbling that results in a tender and flavorful meat.

Dubbed as the Wagyu of pork, Kurobuta pork is known for its melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Savor the taste of a meat that comes from a line of heritage pigs called Berkshire, which is bred in Kogoshima, Japan.
Authentic Tonkatsu experience at Katsu Sora







Last but not the least, Katsu Sora serves Sakura Pork, a grain-fed pork from Canada specially bred for the distinct Japanese taste buds. Fed with barley, it has a lighter color and a firmer texture. Its meat is moist with a mild flavor and a clean finish that will surely excite the taste buds of Katsu Sora diners. Salads, dressings, and a wide selection of good food

What makes Katsu Sora more unique is that it gives its customers free reign in choosing their rice, soup, and ingredients to create their own salad. Imagine the infinite number of combinations that you can make with each visit, making your dining experience more amazing.

With an unlimited refill at the salad buffet bar for all sets, you can choose from different kinds of greens and ingredients. This includes Romaine Lettuce, cucumbers, shredded cabbage, broccoli, fresh fruits in season, white onions, fresh tomatoes, corn and cherry tomatoes, to name a few. Katsu Soras delicious potato salad and tasty pumpkin salad are popular among patrons. As for the dressing, you can choose from up to 12 options such as Soy Sesame dressing, Grated Onion dressing and Wasabi Creamy Dressing.

Pair your favorite Katsu Sora set with a hearty serving of either Awase Miso or Shin-su Shiro Miso soup. Forget guilty pleasures as Katsu Sora serves brown rice for those who are health conscious.

If youre not up for pork, though, try one of the chicken katsu or seafood sets. Light meals such as Katsu Sandwich, Menchi Katsu Burger, and Ebi Tempura are also served. Katsu Sora also offers a la carte dishes like kaarage, edamame, tempura, chahan and yakisoba.

Dine at Katsu Sora to satisfy your cravings for authentic and unique Japanese cuisine. Visit any of the Katsu Sora branches at SM City BF in Paranaque City, TriNoma Mall in Quezon City, Glorietta 4 in Makati, Promenade Greenhills in San Juan City, Eastwood Mall in Libis, Quezon City, Ayala Malls Serin, The District in Tagaytay City, Solenad in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, SM Clark in Pampanga or SM Pampanga. For more information, visit

Singlish Cafe @Lilac

Lilac is a famous street in Markina where a lot of people visit to taste different food. We always go there since it is just near our place. Honestly speaking we always dine in one resto infront of Singlish Cafe So i am aware of the place but not the dishes served.

Now i know they serve Authentic Singapore dishes. The cuisine of Singapore is a rich fusion of the culinary traditions of the many ethnic groups that make up its population. Malay, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian dishes and ingredients are popular.
Singaporeans take their food seriously and talk about it endlessly. This small, affluent city-state is full of vibrant markets, redolent food carts and excellent restaurants with some of Southeast Asia’s best cooking.

The place has 2 floors for dining and the interior of the Cafe shows the different traditions of Singapore from the wall painting to the decorations.

Hainanese Chicken with the dip and rice

Char kwey

Braised Pork Belly


Salted Egg ChickenSalted Egg Prawn

Roti PiataThank you Singlish for the delicious food you served and the warm welcome. And the Marikina Foodies group. Visit Lilac street Marikina for more delicious cuisine at an affordable prices.


Foodtriping at Foodtrip Part 2

This is my fourth time here at Foodtrip Foodpark in Marikina. You must be wondering why we love to dine in here. Here are some of my personal reasons that I hope will also entice you to visit Foodtrip.
First the location is so accessible since you can easily go here by commuting or bring your car. You won’t have a hard time looking for it. it’s near Marikina Bayan at the back of Blue Wave Marquintion. During our first visit we where able to try food from stalls of Sonyaritas, El Viraz, Dessertfies and Sticks.

Ambiance the variety of the food stalls are not so crowded and just limited to a number of food stall. So people won’t have a hard time choosing what food to eat.

And of course the food that they served tasted so good. We’re so grateful that almost all of the food stall there participated. The owner where so generous.Here are some of the food served during the food tasting event.Pork Barbecue from SticksEl Viraz Barbecue and Pork ChopHungarian Sausage Meal and Nachos from University SausagePizza and Jack Potato from Slappy JackCarlos T-bone ans Crispy Papel from FrizzleDimsum Noodle from Passport and Sausage Pulutan from University SausageBacon Mushroom Burger and Adobo sa Langit from PassportHananese Chicken Rice, Pedas Kepah and Pedas Udang from SedapSonyaritas Dynamite, Cheese Overload, Crispy Mojos, Spam Fries and Gummy Bear JuiceChicken Kebab, Shawarma Beef and Shrimp Kebab from MichacoysSizzling tahong, Kutchay and Food for the Gods from Rudy’s Country ChefPork Belly and Buttered Shrimps from Flame OnDeep fried oreos from Arctic and Choco Overload Milkshake from DessertifiedStrawberry Monster Shake from Arctic DessertMonster Chocolate Shake from Arctic DessertThank you very much Foodtrip For these food you’ve prepared for us.


FoodTrip FoodPark A Place to go Foodtripping

Foodtripping in Marikina FoodPark is the newest trend of foodies and foodie lover.
Along Fernando Ave Marikina there are a lot of newly opened food park, food truck that people can choose from. It was a privilege to be invited in one of the famous Food Park in the area called “Food Trip” but even before the bloggers event we where able to try the food and drinks they served there.

It has a array of food stalls that you can choose from, Rice meal, pasta, pizza, dessert and so many to mention.

It was thru the invitation of Mr. Jerson and wife Ms. Sonya that we where able to try the different food that FoodTrip offers.

Mr. and Mrs Jerson is the owner of the stall Sonyarita which is I believe has a lot of clients. Aside from the delicious food they serve at an affordable prices their beverages is a major attraction to people because I can see their crazy straws everywhere. And I admit I was able to taste it before the bloggers event. It is their first branch and the name came from the wonderful wife Ms. Sonya, they serve high quality standard meat and other ingredients for their food.

Here are some of the food that you’ll enjoy at Sonyarita.

They serve a lot of food like pan-grilled beef at a price of P 170.


The Boodle Boodle gang platter composed of spam sticks, mozarella pops and cheddar cheese fries.


when we went back my daughter ordered the Canadian Bacon which cost only P 150, and the taste is highly recommended.

We aslo enjoyed the Hungarian Sausage which I know is of high quality because of the taste. since they have a credible supplier.

The Cheese Overload Crispy Mojos is another food that you have to taste. It has a different recipe and the crispiness of the mojos is retain despite the cheese is placed.

And not to forget the different beverages they have and the Crazy Straw. I always go for the healthy Cucumber Lemonade which is so refreshing, Gummy bear is also a best seller because of it’s uniqueness. And the Red Iced Tea and Lemon Iced Tea.

Sonyarita the place that can satisfy your cravings.





If you want to beat the hear this summer you have to drop by Dessertified. It is one of the stall at FoodTrip where they serve a lot of delicious milkshakes, sugar-rush drinks.

It comes in different flavors that you can choose from.

Their bestseller is Choco Overload which has a unique presentation and it taste so good.


Cookie Monster with different cookies and ice cream blended into milkshake.

Strawberry milkshake which is so attractive and very photogenic.

You don’t need to order a dessert because in Dessertified provide it all.
“Dessert that keeps you satisfied”

Thank you for letting us taste your milkshakes

If you really want grilled food you can visit El Viraz Urban Grill, still at FoodTrip FoodPark Marikina. It is owned by Ms. Jenny the daughter of Ms. Elvira where the name is derived from. According to Ms. Jenny thisnis their first business venture but she grew up seeing her mom in the kitchen. So it is not a question for us where her cooking enthusiast came from.

Here they have a unique way of serving grilled dishes. It is in a barbeque stick made of steel and served hanged. And I beleive the taste is really good, during the bloggers event they served Quespada stick of pork at a price of P160.

When I came back with my friend we ordered Pollo El Viraz with Rice for only P170. and 2-Way Pork Belly with Rice for a price of P180. Both tasted so good I will highly recommend it.

Thank you Ms. Jenny for letting us try your dishes.

If you are planning to have a foodtrip with friends, relatives or just a dinner go and visit FoodTrip Food Park Marikina.

The Voyager’s Burger in Antipolo


If you are looking for a new place to explore, Antipolo is the place there is more to this city not just the famous Antipolo Cathedral known as National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage by people. That’s why many Filipinos who has that belief usually goes there and pray for safe voyage and travel. While others relay to me that some goes there and let their new vehicle be blessed by the Priest for safety travel. Aside from that people go there to buy native delicacies and food.

But me I go there to eat suman and casuy or cashew nuts while sightseeing at the overlooking and look for resort and historical places to visit. But to my surprise there are a lot of restaurant that are opening along the vicinity of Antipolo. I consider the place as the province near the metro since it’s an hour away and the climate is still cool at night.

They not only offer the usual burgers we eat at fastfood but they have their own recipe that is very delicious. If you are in the area and looking for a resto why don’t you visit “The Voyager’s Burger”, it’s a walking distance from the Antipolo Cathedral.

It is very accessible since it’s near the Pasalubong Center the place where you can buy all the food that is not seen in the Metro.

You can taste their different food from Burger, Nachos, Fries, Pasta, Buffalo Wings. The prices are so affordable too.












The burger is cooked in a way that the juiciness is maintained and the flavors blend with the mustard and vegetable in it. The serving is big enough that you cannot consume it if you have a small apetite. The patty is also thick unlike the other burger but the price is so affordable

Assorted Flavors of Lemonade


This is also something that I will surely order when I go back here.


I love the fries because it has a different flavor that people will enjoy.

Chicken Wings

The chicken wings tasted good and they added a cheddar on top to enhance the flavor.

The place can accommodate about 15-20 persons but there is a space outside where they could also dine in.

For a different food in Antipolo visit The Voyager”s Burger and hang out with your family, friends.  Thank you Ms. Lou for inviting us to taste your burgers and other food. We will surely promote it to our friends.

This is one of my Summer Food Adventure featured Restaurant here at Antipolo. See you on my next Food Adventure.

Carnival Food Park at Marikina







Food Crawlers at Carnival Food Park


Food Park, Food Truck, Food Alley is the new destination of people who goes for a food trip. Well I see no problem about it since most of the food are really good, unique and one of a kind. They have a creative concept and presentation at the same time i also give credit to the owner of such food park for making it attractive for families, millenials, yuppies and professionals.
Carnival Food Park in Marikina is the first Food Park I visited. Me and my daughter went there and ate dinner and after a week I was one of the privilege blogger to do a food crawl and try some foods from the Carnival Food Park.
The place was so attractive to people who are just passing by since the entrance really shows a carnival concept. With a array of food stalls I can’t decide what to eat but good thing it is a food crawl.


One of the resto we visited was Sushirrito, they served japanese sushi but the size is a burrito. Since most japanese sushis are sliced into small serving which does not satisfy our appetite so we need to order another set. But with Sushirrito one order is enough and even good for sharing. The price is also affordable and the taste is so good since they also created different flavor of sushirrito. Visit sushirito and find out more of their food.


Next is Kuxina, here they served filipino dish with a twist. It’s a toppings served in a caserole consists of rice and crispy kare-kare and tapaleng. They have a big serving so the food can be shared at an affordable price too. The tastes so good and i highly recommend it to food lovers.

Planet Sausage serves different sausages with toppings, side dish and sauces. We tasted the Pluto Platter, Zesty Saturn and Saturn in a Bun.The serving size is big enough and kids can really enjoy eating

Then Brewskie a resto managed by a former neighbor Chef Oliver Canlas who’s mom is really a good cook. They served different flavor of pasta, We tries two kinds of pasta the first one tasted like Wen Manong and it tasted like Charlie Chan of a famous pizza parlor so now you got an idea. The flavor is sweet but not so spicy, just the right blend and it also has peanut a chicken. Then the kung fu was something good also since the pasta was eaten first by everyone. That means the food is really good, and according to chef oliver they still have other flavore like tinapa pasta and other. Visit Brewskie and taste the pasta. Good job Chef Oliver.

Hip On Ph serves shrimp, mussel, calamares and other seafood. Of course I love shrimp an mussel so I ate both with the mussel i liked the Seafood Platter with Salted Eggztreme sauce, the taste was sooo delicious. The shrimp is also good but i wanted more flavor on it. But overall they served good food.

Havey Desserts my forever favorite of all dessert, they served different muffins, revel bar, brownie ala mode. Of all the dessert I love the revel bar , nutella rocher muffin and the brownie ala mode!

To find out more of the food stall we visited drop by Carnival foodpark at Gil Fernando Avenue Marikina opens from 4pm till 12mn.

Cheesy Crispy Burrito







Taco Bell introduces its Cheesiest Burrito -the Cheesy Core Burrito just when you thought a burrito couldn’t get any better, Taco Bell ups the game with the introduction of its cheesiest burrito yet – The Cheesy Core Burrito.

The Cheesy Core Burrito is the first burrito with a melted cheese center. It features a core” of red nacho strips smothered wlh Taco Bel’s signature three cheese blend and nacho cheeso suce wrapped in a flour tortilla surounded by seasoned beef, Mexican rice, cool sour cream and red sauce wrapped into a burrito. Imagine a mini cheese burrito stuffed inside a classic Taco Bell burrito-are you salvating yet?


Already satisfying on its own, the Cheesy Core Burrito is availiable at P139 ala carte. You may also pair it with nachos and your favorite soda for only P179.

For more informatio on the Cheesy Core Burrito and Taco Bells latest offering visit. Taco Bells official website at http://www.tacobell.comph or follow their official Facebook page at,  the Instagram account @tacobellPHL and the hash tag #TacoBellPHL


About Taco Bell!

Taco Bell a subsidary of Yum!Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUMI, founded over 50 years ago was known for its fun exploration as it ventured a different path in the fast food industry by introducing Crunchy Taco to the United States of America. Today TacoBell has over 6,500 restaurants world wide. Millions of customers come to Taco Bell every week for that unique experience no other restaurant can offer. An experience brought to life through Taco Bell’s menu innovation and the smiles of those who create, serve and eat Taco Bell’s delicious food.

In the Philippines, Taco Bell began in 2004, Since then the brand has continued to explore the possibilities with its customers. Taco Bell Phlippines brought the first Live Más concept store to Asia with its flagship branch at Gateway Mall, a true testament of the brands commitment to give their customers more -in tems of value, quality and dining experience.

Currently Taco Ball s located at Gateway Mall, TriNoma, Aabang Town Center and Tower. For more information, visit http://www.taccbell.comph. Like Taco Bell on Facebook and follow Taco Bell on Instagram (@tacobellphl).

Where to Dine at Sm City Masinag


SM City Masinag conducted a food crawl to some foodiecrawlers and foodbloggers last Feb 11 and here are some of the restaurant we crawled and visited.

11AM – King Bee
This was the first resto we visited just in time for lunch. King Bee is a chinese cuisine resto that got it’s name from the GrandMother’s chinese name Bee.

We where served sumptuous chinese dishes ranging from soup, apetizers, rice and main courses, their dessert which was carved fruits was so attractive. They served all the bestsellers they have.
Here are some of the food we ate and satisfied our lunch.

Even before King Bee transferres to SM city masinag we already ate there several times and i even got to celebrate my birthday there. The reason is that the quality of taste never changes, the servings are big at an affordable prices.
You can dine in here and celebrate your special ocassions even if you have a small family or big.

12:30 – Dunkin Donuts
Next stop is Dessert overload here at dunkin donuts. We tried their croissant and bunwich which is different from the other sandwiches.

Assorted Bunwich



They don’t usually serve this to other stores but good thing they have it here at sm city masinag.
We even tastes some of the premium donuts and valentine treats paired with coffee just in time.

2PM – Congo Grille
third stop Congo Grille, After that sugar rush resto we went to congo grille! The place is so unique since they have a jungle themed interior and the server wear an outfit of a ranger.

Here we are served again with abundant meal.
I’ve never eaten here because the place looks expensive but now after tasting their dishes and looking at the price list it looks affordable.

3:30 – Don’s Spanish Churros
Last stop This is a resto that i will surely recommend even before the crawl we are a regular customer of churros, my favorite is the sour cream pesonal while my daughter is butterscotch.

Butterscotch Dip Churros

Personal sour cream flavor churros my all time favorite.

These are just some of the food that we ate during the foodcrawl. I will be having an article for each resto for a more detailed personal experience.

Thank you Ms. Vaniza for having us and the different Resto that let us taste their delicious foods.

Which Road Leads to Madison 101 Hotel + Tower?




Sharing with you my staycation experience here at Madison 101 Hotel+Tower

Which Road Leads to Madison 101 Hotel and Towers?

With all the busy schedule and traffic i encounter everyday, it was a relief when i checked in at Madison 101 hotel and tower. it was not what I  really expected since the location is at the busy street of Aurora Boulevard, Gilmore and LRT line 2. So i was thinking it would be just the same hotels along streets.

The place was so cozy upon entering and the staff was so warm while welcoming us at the Lobby Reception Area, To think we where Batch 4 Bloggers. I love the interior of the lobby, Madison 101 is not only a hotel but also a Transient and Events Place,
It can accommodate students from nearby schools. There they have an affordable rates and students can choose how many roomates they want. There is also a cafeteria which cater to students who are checked in and wants to study outside their dorm. But outsiders are also welcome to dine in and study as well. But guest are allowed up to 11pm only.

Welcome.note from the Hotel

During our overnight stay, We stayed in a Double Superior which has all the ammenities that 5 star hotels offer. Free wifi (which was really fast), 24/7 Housekeeping & Maintenance Service, 24:7 Security & Cctv Cameras, nearby malls attractions, laundry services, cafeteria, parking spaces, a spa services and coffee shop.

We get to tour all the different hotel rooms which was really spacious, but the 2 rooms that attract me was the premiere and the presidential suite. The premiere was a room at the corner or the hotel that capture all the view of the places around the area even the train. It has a cozy couch at the living room that is so enticing. You can catch the sunset and the sunrise view.
The presidential suite is the biggest room since it has a wide living, room, dining room , kitchen, jacuzzi, rock garden and a bar and has 2 bedroom compete with toilet and bath. They have elegant interior design.


I assure you on my next check in i will stay at the presidential suite or premiere. They also gave us a full body massage service while I let my daughter do her homeschooling at the cafeteria which I really appreciate much. Looking for a quiet place to study is hard for homeschooling mom. They also served our dinner inside the room which is nice.

We also get to taste the coffee they served at the Coffee shop before we went to bed.

Honestly speaking i slept well during the night and i never heard any noise from thr street. It was so amazing and they told me that all the room are sound proof. And a breakfast in bed was also good.

To sum up our experience at Madison 101 Hotel + Tower i will say it was great and thumbs up!. The place was clean and well maintained.I am already recommending it to my friends so they can really experience what I am saying.
Thank you to all the staff of Madison 101 Hotel+Tower.
For inquiries and reservation contact 723-1111 & 09369119039 or email at

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